From 1996 to the future …

Favori Yapı was established in 1996 by our current Board Members Mustafa Kemal ÇEVGEL and Vedat Ali EĞRİDAĞ.

Favori Yapı operates in Suspended Ceiling Industry and is the leading company at this sector.

Favori Yapı, until 2005, the United States suspended ceiling products, Turkey has offered to the market by importing from Europe and the Far East.

With the production activity that started in 2005, it produces 95% of the products it sells in Kayseri and Adana factories with a total of 125 employees, including 35 white collar and 90 blue collar..

The suspended ceiling products that produce their own brand of more than 200 distributors in 42 countries around the world in 81 provinces in Turkey, VIP Plus Plus offers and secondary market with the dealers.

Favori Yapı supports the National Economy with its brands, product variety, R&D studies, exports, employment and production capacity.

Our Vision

In the production of all product groups of the suspended ceiling industry, has reached national and international quality standards, aesthetic and innovative products and to be a respected brand leader in the world in Turkey.

Our Mission

To be a reliable company that produces fast, innovative, aesthetic and quality solutions with years of experience in all product needs of our business partners in the suspended ceiling industry.

Introduction to the Sector

Favori Yapı entered the sector in 1996 with Rock Wool Panels and Carrier Profile Systems. At that time, the global brand USG ceiling, then Turkey has the Distributorship of the dealership before.
Our company has created its own brands in Suspended Ceiling Sector and offered Metal Ceiling, Stretch Ceiling, PVC Vinyl Coated Gypsum Ceiling, Acoustic Ceiling, Honeycomb Ceiling, Linear Ceiling, Baffle Ceiling, Mesh Ceiling and Decorative Ceiling types to the markets.

Along with the strategic and operational works of our company, it has achieved brand awareness and market penetration on a country basis.

Locations that add value to our brands, our experienced team and our dealers from Turkey to the world.

Favori Yapı produce products that sells to resellers and channel projects with Turkey and world markets.
It decreases the need for import by supporting domestic production with the brand registered products produced in the favori Yapı factories.
Favori Yapı has product and service quality certificates and adopts full institutionalism as its principle.
The company carries out sales and marketing activities with 11 sales personnel in 6 regions in the domestic market and 10 sales personnel in the foreign market.


Favori Yapı, produces all of these product groups in its own factories; is the only company in the industry.

Our Product Groups We Produce

  • KAROPAN Vinyl Coated Gypsum Board,
  • KAROPANWET Vinyl Coated Gypsum Board,
  • COLORPAN Color Vinyl Coated Gypsum Board,
  • PAN HYGIENIC Antibacterial Vinyl Coated Gypsum Board,
  • SOUND PANNELS Acoustic Gypsum Panels and Sheets,
  • FVP Aluminum Panel,
  • FVP Galvanized Panel,
  • FVP T24 Carrier Profiles,
  • FVP Clip-In Carrier Profiles,
  • FVP L and C Corner Profiles,
  • GERGEFF, Stretch Ceiling,

Our departments

  • Production,
  • Sales and marketing,
  • Project Tracking,
  • Gergeff,
  • Foreign trade,
  • Accounting,
  • Financing,
  • After Sales Services (SSH)