LED Lighting In Ceiling

In addition to our aesthetic product range, we will add light to your spaces with our ceiling lighting product group and brands. 

Can You Put LED Lights On The Ceiling

Yes, LED lights can be installed on the ceiling to provide effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions. LED technology is commonly used for ceiling lighting due to its low energy consumption, long lifespan, and versatility. LED ceiling lights come in various types, including recessed downlights, surface-mounted fixtures, track lights, and pendant lights. They offer different color temperatures, brightness levels, and dimming options to suit various lighting needs and create desired ambiance. LED lights on the ceiling are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, contributing to better illumination and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the room.
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How To Put LED Lights On Ceiling

To put LED lights on the ceiling, plan the layout and turn off the power. Mark the light locations, cut holes for recessed lights, and run wiring to each location. Securely install the lights and connect them to the electrical connections. Test the lights and install trims for a finished look. Always prioritize electrical safety.

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LED Lighting In Ceiling Features

Led Lighting Models

In addition to the aesthetic product range in the favorite buildings, Panel Led, Linear Led and Spot Led, one of the lighting products, have been offered for sale under the brand FVR LED.

Panel Led

Spot Led

Linear Led


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Genus Led Panel, Led Spotlights, LED Linear Luminaire
Size Recessed, Surface Mounted Clip-In
Size (mm) 600×600,300×600, 300×300
Light Color 3000K – 4000K – 6500K
Body Aluminum – IP44
Pine White Diffuser
Radiation Angle 110 Degree
Operating voltage 160VAC- 280V
Power / Lumen 40W – 6000 Lumens

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