Coloured Suspended Ceiling Tiles

The front surface is PVC vinyl and aluminum foil covered plaster suspended ceiling panels used in modular suspended ceiling systems.


Suspended Ceiling Tiles Price

The price of coloured suspended ceiling tiles may vary depending on factors like the material used, tile size, design complexity, and regional location. Different manufacturers and suppliers may offer various pricing options. It’s essential to compare quotes from multiple sources to find the best value for your specific requirements. Factors such as the quantity of tiles needed, additional accessories, and installation costs can also influence the overall price. Keep in mind that investing in quality coloured tiles may offer long-term benefits in terms of aesthetics, durability, and maintenance. Conduct thorough research and seek professional advice to make an informed decision on purchasing coloured suspended ceiling tiles that suit your budget and design preferences.
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Types of Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Coloured suspended ceiling tiles come in various types, including colored options like Black, Red, and Gray. These coloured tiles offer versatility and add a touch of style to interior spaces. Black tiles exude elegance, while Red adds warmth and vibrancy. Gray tiles provide a modern and sophisticated look. Each type complements different design aesthetics and preferences. When choosing suspended ceiling tiles, consider the color that best suits your space and desired ambiance. Coloured tiles, along with other design variations, contribute to creating visually appealing and functional suspended ceiling systems. Explore these options to enhance the aesthetics of your interior while enjoying the benefits of suspended ceilings.

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What Are Suspended Ceiling Tiles Made Of

Coloured suspended ceiling tiles are typically made from various materials, including mineral fiber, metal, or PVC. Mineral fiber tiles are composed of natural fibers, perlite, and binders, offering good acoustic properties and fire resistance. Metal tiles are made from aluminum or steel, providing durability and a modern look. PVC tiles are constructed from polyvinyl chloride, offering moisture resistance and easy maintenance. These materials are chosen for their specific characteristics, allowing colored suspended ceiling tiles to provide both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. When selecting colored suspended ceiling tiles, consider the material that best suits your desired aesthetics and performance requirements for the space.

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Colored Gypsum Board Models

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In coloured suspended ceiling panels, you can choose the color you want from the RAL catalog. In our PVC vinyl panels, you can create your favorite colors on the ceilings using colored surface coverings.





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COLORPAN Applications

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20 DC

 (24 Ton)


(26 ton)

7mm 12 pieces = 4,32m² 68 packets = 293,76 m² 0,33 m³ / packets 21,68 kg ~ 1.475 kg ~ 4.782,24 m² 5,179,68 m²
8mm 10 pieces = 3,60 m² 68 packets = 244,80 m² 0,33 m³ / packets 20,60 kg ~ 1.400 kg ~ 4.194 m² 4.543,20 m²
9,5mm 8 pieces = 2,88 m² 68 packets = 195,84 m² 0,33 m³ / packets 23,18 kg ~ 1.576 kg ~ 2.980,80 m² 3.231,36 m²
12,5mm 6 pieces = 2,16 m² 68 packets = 146,88 m² 0,33 m³ / packets 26,30 kg ~ 1.788 kg ~ 1.972,08 m² 2.136,24 m²

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Technical details

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Type Gypsum Panel
Size (mm) 600×600,300×300, 300×600, 600×1200
Thickness 8mm, 9.5mm, 12,5mm
Gypsum Panel White, Green, Red, Crimson
Front Surface Colored, PVC Vinyl Coating
Back Surface Aluminum Foil Coating on Flat Panels
Perforation (mm) Ø6 (Lineup) Ø10(Lineup) Ø5-10(Lineup)  Ø6-12(Confusing Arrangement) 12×12(Lineup)
Acoustic Fabric Imported Fiberglass in Perforated Panels
Carrier System T-24 White and Channeled Carrier
System Sitting, Hanging

Colorpan Technical Drawing

A) Colored Gypsum Board
B) T-24 Main Carrier (3600mm)
C) T-24 Subordinate Carrier (1200mm)
D) T-24 Subordinate Carrier (600mm)
E) Double Hanger Spring
F) Steel Dowel
G) Hanger Wire

Panel Detayları

Usage Areas


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