Acoustic Gypsum Board

Acoustic panels and boards add difference to your spaces by offering decorative, long-lasting and economical solutions.

What is Acoustic Gypsum Board?

Acoustic Gypsum Board is a specialized building material designed to enhance sound insulation and control in indoor spaces. It is composed of gypsum core with sound-absorbing properties and is engineered to reduce noise transmission and improve acoustic comfort. The board’s unique design enables it to absorb and dampen sound vibrations, minimizing echoes and reverberation. Acoustic Gypsum Board finds extensive use in walls, ceilings, and partitions, creating quieter and more pleasant environments. It benefits various spaces like theaters, recording studios, offices, and bedrooms, promoting better communication, concentration, and relaxation. With its soundproofing capabilities, Acoustic Gypsum Board contributes to enhanced productivity and comfort in indoor settings.


Is Acoustic Gypsum Board Worth It?

Yes, Acoustic Gypsum Board is worth it for achieving optimal sound control and enhancing acoustic comfort in indoor spaces. This specialized building material is designed to improve sound insulation by absorbing and dampening sound vibrations, reducing noise transmission and minimizing echoes. The investment in Acoustic Gypsum Board proves valuable, particularly in areas like theaters, recording studios, offices, and bedrooms, where enhanced communication, concentration, and relaxation are essential. Its effectiveness in creating quieter and more pleasant environments contributes to better productivity and comfort. With the improved sound quality it provides, Acoustic Gypsum Board is a worthwhile choice for those seeking a quieter, more enjoyable indoor experience.

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Where to Position Acoustic Panels?

Strategically position acoustic panels to optimize sound absorption and noise reduction. Place panels symmetrically across the room for balanced sound distribution. Identify first reflection points and install panels there to minimize early reflections. Target corners and above sound sources to reduce overall reverberation. Position panels over seating areas and workstations to enhance speech clarity. Maintain proper spacing between panels for uniform sound absorption. Consider room layout and primary listening areas to tailor the acoustic treatment. By following these guidelines, you can create a comfortable and productive acoustic environment with reduced noise and improved sound quality.

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Acoustic gypsum board and board systems are vinyl coated gypsum board and unpainted boards offered by Favori Yapı under the Sound Panel brand to the suspended ceiling market.

Ø6 Perforated Row Arrangement

Ø10 Perforated Row Arrangement

Ø5-10 Perforated Row Sequence

12x12mm Square Perforated Row Sequence

Ø6-12 Perforated Shattered Line


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Sound Panel Acoustic Applications

Impressive, economical and healthy

Acoustic panels and boards add difference to your spaces by offering decorative, long-lasting and economical solutions.
7mm 12 piece= 4,32m² 0,33 m³ / package 68 package = 293,76 m²
8mm 10 piece = 3,60 m² 0,33 m³ / package 68 package = 244,80 m²
9,5mm 8 piece = 2,88 m² 0,33 m³ / package 68 package = 195,84 m²
12,5mm 6 piece = 2,16 m² 0,33 m³ / package 68 package= 146,88 m²

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Panel Type Gypsum board
Surface Unpainted and Vinyl Coated
Size (mm) 600×600,300×600,600×1200,1200×2400
Thickness 7mm,8mm,9,5mm,12,5mm
Plasterboard White, Green, Red, Bordeaux
Perforation (mm) Ø6 Row Sequence Ø10 Row Sequence Ø5-10 Row Sequence Ø6-12 Row Sequence 12 × 12 Row Sequence
Color All colors in Karopan PVC chart.. 
Acoustic Fabric Imported Fiberglass
Edge Surface Tapeless
Carrier system T24, T-15
System Seated 
Sound Absorption Class  C
Fire Class  A2

Technical Drawing

A)Acoustic Gypsum Board
B)T-24 Main Carrier (3600mm)
C)T-24 Subordinate Carrier (1200mm)
D)T-24 Subordinate Carrier (600mm)
E) Double Hanger Spring
F) Steel Dowel
G)Hanger Wire

Panel Detayları

Usage Areas


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