FVP Delta Petek T4

Honeycomb suspended ceiling systems provide light and air permeability thanks to their special hollow structure.

Delta T4 Honeycomb Suspended Ceiling Systems

FVP T4 honeycomb ceiling systems; «Δ» are aluminum opencell ceilings consisting of profiles produced in delta form. It provides a perfect and uninterrupted appearance with square and rectangular form with different sizes of cell sizes, T carrier and hanging system mounting details.

FVP T4 honeycomb ceilings are honeycomb ceilings, which are formed from 4 mm base width and 30 mm high «Δ» delta form, assembled in 600 × 600 and 600 × 1200 mm. It can be used with hidden, hanging and seated T15 carriers, as well as a wide design opportunity as a 600 × 1200 mm hanging system.

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FVP T4 honeycomb ceiling materials; It is shipped unassembled (knitted) to facilitate transportation. Optionally, it is packed and shipped assembled (knitted).

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FVP Delta Petek T4 Ceiling Applications

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Technical details

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Material Aluminum
Cell 50 × 50, 60 × 60, 75 × 75, 85 × 85, 100 × 100
Height/ Base 30 mm / 4 mm
Carrier system T15 and should be self-rocking (swing down)
Standard RAL 9016 white, RAL 9006 gray, RAL 9005 and Black RAL options

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