How to Install Suspended Ceiling?

Suspended ceilings are materials used in the construction industry, which serves as sound and heat insulation in order to achieve a decorative aesthetic appearance. Suspended ceiling installation is actually an easy and simple process. Only the assembly work requires some effort. First of all, make sure that you have taken all the work safety precautions before starting the assembly work.

Measuring the Mounted Area :

The dimensions of the area where the suspended ceiling will be made should be taken as a priority. While measuring, you can measure with a tape measure or laser measuring device. You can write down the measurements you have taken on a piece of paper or directly on the wall to be mounted. In this way, you will have installed the suspended ceiling properly and aligned. Determine a gap of 10-15 cm from the top of your walls to the floor. This range will give you the location of the wall angle. Be careful not to take the wrong measurement while taking the measurements.

Placing Wall Angles :

The size of the wall plasters is adjusted according to the size taken and the determined area. After setting, cutting process is applied. You can use double tin scissors to cut the wall angles. If you have an outward facing corner on your wall, cut the wall angles you have determined to that wall approximately 1 cm long. After it is cut in accordance with the size and area taken, it is mounted on the determined area. You can use a drill when performing assembly work. During installation, thoroughly check that the wall angles are straight.

Then it is the turn of adjusting and mounting the grid system. The grid system, which is the infrastructure of the suspended ceiling, is created with the wall angles you cut in a measured way. The adjusted wall angles are mounted at regular intervals depending on the dimensions of the suspended ceiling.

Make sure and check that the suspended ceiling, whose main line is formed, is doing these operations properly and in a controlled manner. While doing these operations, you should also pay attention to the lighting system and proceed by leaving a certain area for lighting.


Ceiling Tiles Installation :

Adjust the dimensions of the tiles suitable for the grid system, which is set for the suspended ceiling and whose infrastructure is finished. The tiles whose sizes are adjusted are cut properly with the help of a sharp utility knife. Lay the tiles cut to size flat on top of the grid. Start from the center of the room and proceed by placing it towards the edges. Angle the tiles and install them on the grid system. Continue laying until the tiles completely cover the entire area of ​​the ceiling. When installing the tiles, make sure that they are mounted properly and level.

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How to Install Suspended Ceiling?
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