Led Suspended Ceiling Lights

Increasing the aesthetic perception in the environment is possible with the integrity of the space. Using the right lighting is one of the most important steps to ensure the integrity of the environment.

Perhaps you have thought of areas where hundreds of led lighting has been used, right? Hairdressers, gyms, conference and movie theaters and more. It is a known fact that the use of LED lighting is quite popular.

At the same time, energy saving is one of the main reasons why it is frequently preferred. The use of LED lighting on the ceilings, which directly affects the depth of the space, directly changes the environment and adds a modern look. You can also use Led lighting to create better quality living spaces.

What is LED Light?

A new technology in efficient energy lighting, LED (Light Emitting Diode) is the abbreviation of light emitting diode. It consists of light-emitting diodes connected in series or parallel.
In addition, each array has a resistor mechanism to keep the electric current under control. It fulfills the task of lighting by giving a different light both depending on the additives and thanks to the different light ranges.
  Although incandescent lamps are an advanced option, they radiate heat outside. LED lighting products cool themselves with the technology they have developed for heat. In this way, it does not emit heat and does not have flammable properties. Thus, it can be used easily with coatings such as wood or paper.
LED lighting types are a product that is in much more life than expected. Today, LED technology is used at every point from traffic lights to digital clocks.

The LED lamp, which is suitable for use in the home and is one of the popular products in the market, is a product that is used very often in terms of decoration. These lamps are incandescent lamps and their sockets are compatible with both products.

Thus, to obtain more light and long-term economic results; they can be used with lighting products such as pendant lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, lampshades or sconces. Another type of lighting is presented to the consumer as LED tubes. These products are mainly used in workplaces instead of fluorescent lamps. Reflectors and LED spotlights are a common type like any other product. LED light chains are also preferred for decorative use.

How is LED Lighting Made?

The way LED lighting is made differs according to the area in which it will be used. However, in general, lighting systems consisting of parts such as LED color selection, PCB (Printed Circuit), Driver, lens, cooling and case can be made with different techniques. It has also been possible to use LED lighting in various areas by making it in different ways.

How to Connect LED Lighting?

LED lighting systems need a constant current to work. When purchasing a product to be used in a standard apartment or with an operating voltage of 220 V, an LED with a power of 220 V must be purchased on the packages. The power supply circuit is drawn into the electrical network by placing it in the lamp and directly according to the wiring diagram. The necessary data and instruction on how to connect LED lighting are included in the packaging.

How Does LED Lighting Work?

There are two semiconductor charge carriers inside the diodes, N-type and P-type. Thanks to the existing charge carriers, electricity is transferred from the anode to the cathode tip, and light is formed with this electron exchange. Due to their small size, small sizes and decorative fixtures are made and used. LED lighting, which can give light within 200 nanoseconds, performs a healthy work in terms of heat distribution and radiation.

How Much Electricity Does LED Lighting Consume?

LED lighting products come to the fore with their minimum energy consumption feature among the lighting product groups. A low level of energy need creates an environment for these products to gain popularity in a short time and to be preferred frequently. The lighting work, which must be used throughout the day, is used in various businesses, especially in residences.

LED lighting products, which are used intensively in many different sectors thanks to their low energy consumption, are also preferred to be used frequently in garden lighting and decoration works. LED lighting systems are used indoors as well as outdoors. All the benefits of LED technology are utilized when there is no need for a highly powerful light and especially in decoration works.

How to Install LED Lighting?

Some LED lighting products differ from conventional models in that they require installation. Because they operate on low voltage DC, a power supply device is needed that varies depending on where they are located, but converts 220 V AC on average into a voltage signal that the LEDs can use. There are three steps required in power supply selection and lighting system setup.

These; Determine the LED voltage, determine the power draw of the LED, and determine the connection method. The products that are installed and then tested with these specific steps, also provide an easier installation with the help of guides.

Our Favorite LED Ceiling Lighting Models

In addition to its aesthetic product range in places, Favori Yapı has offered its lighting products Panel Led, Linear Led and Spot Led products under the FVR LED brand.

Spot Led

Spot Led is widely used in residential, shop, office, etc. It is a flush mounted product group that you can use comfortably in places.

Linear Led

Linear Led is your solution partner for the most direct lighting, especially hidden light and stretch ceiling lighting.

Features of LED Lighting System

It saves energy. It works with 220V AC. It is long lasting. Light is available in desired colors.

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