Different Ttypes of Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceiling is a type of ceiling made with plaster. Suspended ceilings used in areas such as home and workplace are generally used for decoration. Suspended ceilings help animate the empty ceiling and capture a different ambiance. You can use suspended ceilings, which have different usage patterns, with or without light. The most advantageous part is that it is easy to install. Let’s examine the suspended ceilings with extensive varieties.

Concealed Grid Ceilings

Grid ceilings are divided into two as hidden and open grid ceilings. Grid ceilings are used in places such as studios with their acoustic properties. They have very good sound absorption properties. These ceilings, which have an aesthetic and attractive appearance, are used in areas such as concerts.

Open Grid Ceilings

One of the most distinctive features of open grid ceilings, which has a low cost, is that it is made with metal parts. This ceiling structure also has sound absorption properties just like the hidden ceiling structure. It also has easy installation and cleaning features. It varies according to the features such as the size and height of the area you will use. It is used in areas such as school, university, studio.

Fire Resistant Suspended Ceilings

It is one of the most demanded suspended ceilings with its fire resistant structure. It is designed with fire and fire resistant special materials. Ceilings that have undergone difficult processes to manufacture and install are only made by skilled people. At the same time, the light bulbs and fixtures attached to such suspended ceilings are made fire resistant. The material structure is made in a fire-sensitive manner.

Suspended Drywall Ceilings

It is the most preferred ceiling in Turkey. Wires and hangers are used in the construction of suspended plasterboard ceiling systems. This type of ceilings that prevent echoes are designed to be sensitive to fire. These ceilings, which have many types, have an aesthetic appearance. Suspended plasterboard ceilings, which are comfortable to use, insulate heat in the best way. It is a comfortable ceiling system.

Modular Suspended Ceiling

These types of suspended ceilings contain modular elements such as plates and strips. Whether the frame of such suspended ceilings is exposed or concealed is made up to one’s own preference. The reason for the high demand for modular suspended ceilings is the aesthetic effects used in the design. Besides, this type of suspended ceiling is easier to repair than other types of ceilings. In addition, you have the opportunity to change the modules as you wish. These suspended ceilings, which also have metal varieties, are also available in raster ceilings consisting of rectangular and square modules. Special protective coatings are applied on these suspended ceilings, which are affected by metal corrosion, for their protection. Cellular ceilings, which are another module, have many different types. While choosing the module, you can optionally choose colors and choose the patterns to suit your taste.

Aluminum Suspended Ceilings

Since aluminum suspended ceilings have ventilation feature, you can use them in single-person places or in crowded places. These ceilings, which have the feature of reflection in the light, have a metal feature. Aluminum suspended ceilings that illuminate the dark environment make the environment brighter and more spacious. These ceilings, which adapt to each other, play an active role in increasing the demand rate. It has a durable structure, so there is no need for constant maintenance. The reason why its cost is higher than other ceilings is that it is environmentally friendly and does not trigger human health. Due to the light reflection of these ceilings, which are more diverse, they provide a more artistic appearance to the houses and places to be used.

Tiled Suspended Ceilings

Tiled suspended ceilings that contain tiles in their structure have a simpler and more relaxing appearance. They are generally made of metal, wood, mineral wool, fiberglass, plaster and plastic. They have economically affordable prices. They are used in places such as homes and offices rather than large areas.

Free Span Suspended Ceiling

Free-span suspended ceilings , which are often used in entrances and corridors, are generally used in the construction of ceiling plates. Easy to install and maintain provides a great advantage.

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Different Ttypes of Suspended Ceilings
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